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The Studio

Fuel Lab Studio started in 2014 and was founded by Pietro Mingotti, just released and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, with 110 cum laude in Multimedia Design and Communication. Based in Vicenza, Via Zamenhof 18, the studio features 180m2 of Open Space ambient including a relax area, the office area, and the shooting area. It started as the own individual professional activity of Pietro Mingotti, but the concept is really the Studio one, as since the very beginning it featured collaborations with many other talented professionals; while Pietro mostly covers and validates the direction of the workflow and the Creative / Artistic Direction, often the specific Graphic Design work, together with the more intense coding or the Legal and administrative aspects of the business is curated by other figures.

Our Gear Reel features for the Film Making two BlackMagicDesign Production Camera 4k and two Nikon D800. For the photography, two Nikon D800 and a NikonD7000. Both camera systems can count on a wide arsenal of Cinema and Full Frame Professional Optics. We work with the Italian Prolight-Equipment for our illumination purposes (Several led banks and flash torches), multi colored Backdrop (3mtsx11mts); we can shoot live or tethered. Computing wise, we work on Mac platforms and we secure our Customer Data with weekly automated Backups on 2 Tower Racked Lacie 8Big Thunderbold 2 48TB RAID6+Hot Spare. We work with Apple Software and Adobe CC software.


for your Branding needs

We are doers. That's one of the thing most of our Clients have found the more engaging and convenient; we are the result of an education system that valued field operation as much as theory classes. Therefor, we are not going to tell you what your marketing plan is going to be and then contract 10 more companies to get the job done. We can cover it all in the most cases within our Studio.



Storage in RAID 6+1 for your data safety


covered with our Talents including but not limited to Photography, Film making, Web Design..


Since 2014


Sleepless nights spent watching over your security and last minute needs


My name is Pietro

In Italy we have this idiomatic expression "as easy as drinking a glass of water", which is pretty much like saying "piece of cake". We want to give to our Clients this kind of experience with Branding; it is quite the contrary on our end as Branding a product line or a Company is a very complicated job, with many different ingredients to the equation, and that's exactly when we jump on our track. You can kick back and tell us all about your idea. We take care of the hard work and you see it being built.


Aims and Objectives


As much as my experience and vocation is inclined in the management of visual projects, I am also an extensively experienced Graphic Designer, Photographer, Film Maker, Post Producer, Editor and Web Designer. When it's possible I although prefer to cover one main aspect of visual production, as I strongly believe that a team works better than a one man show, and that's why in my studio I collaborate with many other professionals, depending on the project's size.

My aim with my Studio is to deliver to my client the best digital marketing experience possible through Content Production, Editorial Planning and effective deployment (yet, printed media is still one of my favorite passions).

  • Groundbreaking, fresh and modern visual campaigns
  • Effective and efficient storytelling and copywriting
  • Psychology of the communication
  • Brand design
  • focus on contemporary information technology implementation

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