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Graphic Design

The idea for the project came from Artisani Srl main shareholder, who wanted to create an Italian luxury brand for men and women, tailor designed and crafted in Italy with the best Italian textiles, for an in-business project for Chinese big companies.

The initial Branding and Logo design followed a classicism vibe, being both Artisani Srl and it's main brand, Civico76 linked to a strong Venetian background and accent. We though about the world famous Venice's Academy of Fine Arts and its galleries, and its bridge. That's why we called the Brand "Accademia".




We then started to design many proposals for the logo, all very figurative resembling the insides of the Academy of Fine Art's courts, and using the Venetian red as the main color. From these designs, we then decided to bring it to the minimal, a little bit more nordic design, as we also needed to remember the specific market range and the luxury field in clothing that we were going to cover. The selected final logo was, yet again, a monogram with added lettering.



& Film

For the presentation campaign, we have selected one of the best locations we could think of, Villa Zileri Motterle in Schio. The place had the right vibe of history and luxury that we wanted to convey; we also chose to create a romantic setting to go along with it, to create the typical "fairy tale" environment for this Campaign.

We have chosen Villa Zileri Motterle in Schio as a location for our Campaign both because of its timeless beauty and strong heritage, and also because of another peculiar detail; an Easter Egg, as we would call it today.


Indeed, in the central section of the Villa where the last part of the Film Campaign is shot, a huge original Tiepolo fresco is dominating the ceiling with its incredible beauty and colors. We shot the scenes in BlackMagic Design 4k RAW to be able to retain the highest color fidelity to give the proper respect to this masterpiece; the reason why this is meaningful to the branding of the project, is that Giambattista Tiepolo was indeed a teacher in the Academy of Fine Arts, and one of the greatest Italian artists ever.