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Typography & Graphic Design

Artisani was the Italian Company holder and creator of several Fashion Brands; we have worked extensively with Artisani SRL and it was a prolific partnership. Of course one of the projects covered in those years was also the Branding of the Company itself, from it's logo, lettering and font design, to the Company Profile and it's stationery.

Spinning it around

We spent quite some time figuring out how to convey the idea of quality, excellence and belonging to Italian Culture that the Company had. We worked a lot on many designs that we are not listing here, but the most interesting ones were not involving any drawing or graphical content; we enjoyed working out a Logo made merely of the first letter of the Company name. Form meets simplicity, and we created this intricate yet simple design, by spinning around the lower "a" letter of the chosen font.

Serif or Sans?

Although we love Serif fonts, as you can see from the selection in the brainstorming image and also on the studio-designed "a" with serifs, we decided to go with a more modern approach with a font that in some way, has serifs still staying a sans serif font. All this to resemble the Company's strong roots in Italian Culture and tradition about quality, but also its aim to the future.


and Photography

The Company Profile was an interesting project; we decided to keep it squared, working with Grafiche Antiga (as we did with many other printed projects) to find out the best solution paper-wise for the intricate cutout in the book's cover. The rest of the Company Profile was crafted listing some of the major Brands Artisani was owner of, and making those numbers stand tall together with a sensible attention to transmitting the passion for details and color that the Company has. Not to mention that wonderful location!