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Typography & Graphic Design

The cliente wanted to launch a new Italian designed menswear Brand. They have already registered the brandname, Civico76, and they needed to create a Branding story around that name. They wanted to give the collection an Italian modern cut, keeping their roots in Venice but with an international appeal.

The Logo has undergone several modifications since its first design, but it always kept the number 76 inscribed in a circle. Given that the 76 symbolized or represented the door number of where the designers have stumbled upon an abandoned traditional tailorshop, and from which the inspiration from the brand should come, initially the design was a serif font, really conveying that traditional italian doorbell script.

However, because of the need for the Brand to be also very modern, fresh and appealing to the young adult, Pietro Mingotti (Creative Director and Owner at Fuel Lab) has been working on more and more minimalistic designs, together with Nicolò Gelai (Graphic Designer). The main logo is the one you can see on the hang tag here by, but here are also other variations we have gone through during the project's development.


& more

We have also covered the labeling part of the project, making sure each collection and specific item had a proper embedding of the logo. From prints, to sewed applications, metal ones, branded buttons and rivets and so on.

Same goes for the hang tags and care lable designs and generally all the accessories. Many other designers or Brands think you don’t need to invest with the hangtag artwork. A lot of the time you’ll notice that the hangtag is a very simple shape with the logo on the front, and that’s about it. But hangtags are an excellent surface for any additional information you want your customer to know about you. A hangtag could include a paragraph explaining how the company started, sketches showing how to use a complicated piece, a barcode to offer a customer a discount, etc, etc.

That is why we crafter the hangtag on a larger size, including all the details mentioned above in the back.


and development

The Web Design of Civico 76 has known different faces until Season Spring Summer 2016, when finally the whole website got to be up. The most interesting geeky fact about this project? It only featured pure HTML and manual coding, aside from the last version where we used Webflow technologies. No Wordpress..!

The initial design for the website was a small showcase display site featuring the first collection and a specific corporate identity: being Italian, Venetian, anchored to our Roots but also to show a different face of Venice, the most modern part of it. The first website was indeed a onepage site with a few horizontal sliding galleries.

The second website you can see down here was the demo build of the complete website (Spring Summer 2015); in that time though the Company had a reorganization of thoughts and started working in a slightly different direction, and given that we were just about to hit the stores, it was needed to address these changes immediately before the Brand was completely baked.

So, the third website you can check out through the thumbnails down here, is the last demo build available on our servers, which was the last version of the Civico 76 website.


& Publishing

The visual campaigns were model based and human centered, and we decided to go down the path of the "non professional models"; with that we mean that, aside from Sandro Busolo, the model of SS'16 season, all the other men in the pictures were ordinary people, that worked in other fields; the idea was to create a Brand for people, and not for models, and to walk the talk also in our visual communication.

Civico 76 lookbook fall winter 2014 men's wear fashion italian, moda italiana uomo made in italy
Male Fashion Trend Image featuring Civico 76 Garments from Lookbook Fall Winter Spring Summer by Pietro Mingotti Art Director
Male Fashion Trend Image featuring Civico 76 Garments from Lookbook Fall Winter Spring Summer by Pietro Mingotti Art Director


& Publishing

The printed material for this project was mainly composed by Lookbooks (plus the traditional brochures and other small format printed material). We worked with Grafiche Antiga, crafting a LookBook in the shape of a Big Newspaper. The first two Lookbooks were printed, for the others, following the Brand Update, we preferred creating video projections during fairs, and dedicated web pages with infinite scroll technology.

Fall / Winter


Spring / Summer '15


Spring / Summer '16

Look Book

PITTI Immagine Uomo

Marketing and Communication

Video Making

Instagram & +

The video material made for the Project Civico 76 was for its majority composed by social media short films and backstages, together with material for the wenbsite's blog (such as the Pitti coverage). Here are some selected pics.