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DISTILLED menswear


Typography & Graphic Design

The client wanted to create a new contemporary, total look, menswear Fashion Brand.

Being put in touch with the designer, the studio came up with the Branding in toto, from the NameBrand, to the Logo design, the lettering and font design, the Concept, the Mood Boards, Copywriting, Film Making, Photography and all that you can see in this page. It was one of the largest projects we covered and curated and we are very proud of having baked and fueled this promising Brand.

The Branding and Graphic Design part was crucial for this project. The Designer had in mind a strongly contemporary collection of menswear, but had no sketches, no specific grounded ideas to share; with just a few items to work our mind around, Pietro Mingotti (Owner and Creative Director at Fuel Lab Studio) came up with the idea and concept of the Brand, the Brand name, the target, the keywords and communication style, involving for the most peculiar parts of graphic design applied to textile one of our business partners, Nicolò Luigi Gelai (Graphic Designer).

We have been vastly using modern setups for the communication, with GIFS, contemporary poetry, grunge textures and materials; the whole idea was for the project to have many souls in one, as the metaphor of the "Distilled" Man is the one of the contemporary "persona"; we are all different, each one of us is the "Distilled" results of everything we absorb through Social Media, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, and so on.

Liquid Nature

One of the main concepts revolving around the Brand was the idea of the liquid nature of personality itself, especially in these modern days of multiculturalism, multitasking, the overload of stimuli constantly bombing our braincells and optical nerves. All of this makes so that our nature is fluid indeed, to be able to compensate and flow across all of this huge amount of Data without losing itself; and actually, the 70% of the human body itself is composed by water, as the Fashion Film says.


and Labeling

For the packaging we wanted to keep something as simple as possible, and for it to have that "aseptic" allure to it, of a product with no story, no past, no interferences. Just plain menswear crafted for nowadays dressing needs and fashion; also the PVC / rubber was one of the main elements in the first collection, so we have developed this concept of a simple sealable bag, made of refurbished plastic to be environmentally friendly.

For the Hang Tags we have sourced a soft touch paper that got sequentially sandstoned and tumblered to achieve a crumply look for mass production; we wanted to transmit this grunge feel to all of the details of the collection, and for it to be a great contrast towards the richness of the textiles; when we say richness, we don't mean it as of in silks and high-tech new trendy textiles, but actually going back to the roots of Italian Menswear, with highly materic cotton/linen blends.

At the same time we kept a more minimal approach towards the labeling on the garments, as you can see by these pictures.

Mood Board

and Concept

All the copy writing was done by Pietro Mingotti; Here is the Concept for Distilled:

You have been Distill3d.
Distilled is about a metamorphic operation of the
contemporary fashion and visual art world: Involution,

Evolution. Breath. Going back to the womb of creation. You have been Distill3d.

Distilled is about a metamorphosis operation of the

contemporary fashion and visual art world: Involution, you. You have been Distill3d. Every time you see an image, you Evolution. Breathe. Going back to the womb of creation, hear a sound, each and every happening in your life and
where basic materials _://skin/garment/plaster/movement/-

other people’s life have been digested, has changed you. color/liquid/solid/

               You have been Distill3d. Every time you see an image, you
                 hear a sound, each and every happening in your life and
                other people’s life have been digested, has changed you.

"Being a new Brand, research is our keyword, and not just by crafting our product:
Visual communication, art, creativity, social media, twitting stuff, tumblering here and there, being present as a collective of creatives and not just as mere “clothing”.

We think fashion is moving this way, and we think it started this process since quite some time.

The question is: till what point are we
ready to unleash its language? How much have communication in fashion industry been over saturated with media, when maybe everything you need to do is: Distill?"


and Photography

All the photography and digital painting work has been done by Pietro Mingotti. The whole production was brought on on Nikon and BlackMagic Design cameras shot in Digital RAW formats in the Studio, Studio Warehouse and on Location at Eraclea swamps, Italy.


and Web Desing

For the Film Making Pietro had the following idea: given the nature of the Brand itself to ingest together fashion, massmedia, pop culture, cinema and other arts and crafts, it would have been innovative and interesting to produce a series of short films / Fashion Films, one or two episodes for each season; every episode would have depicted a part of the journey of this modern Gulliver, being Reborn in the first Chapter, falling into the Boiler of its suggestions and dreams in the second part, and then building up as the Seasons followed.

Chapter #01

To be Reborn

At the beginning of the film, 3 images which are secretly joined with three pre hypnotic symbols; we like to play this way in our work and put hidden subconscious suggestions to our audience, to induce them in a dream like hypnotic state of focus. The "man" (the viewer, the model, the client) finds himself in the middle of nowhere, in a deserted and swamp-like environment, needing to learn from scratch how to walk, behave, interpret and finding his own way towards a natural calling to life. The voiceover is mixed between Pietro Mingotti's voice and Damiano Tescaro's one.

Chapter #02

The boiler

Our "hero" finds himself catapulted into a dreamlike state after he dived into the ocean, where suggestions and symbolism about life, death, erotism, fear, oppression and freedom take place onto each other into a fast-paced ride, that brings towards the end of the film, where he is going out of an underground passage, leaving behind a prior version of himself, the carcass of what he was, before being distilled.


Check it out

Based on the last build available on our servers, check out the concept website that was projected during the White Show Fashion Fair during the Milan Fashion Week 2016.

Note: you need to have flash technology allowed in your browsers for the background video to play, Safari is the best browser up to date with still allowing this technology. Also as usual, some content might not display properly due to self hosted beta build of our development projects.

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