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Web Design and Layout

Molino Favero is one of the largest Italian Mills, specialized in the production of several different kind of flours. What makes them very special is that the very core of their identity and business is that all of their products are completely FREE FROM (Gluten, Soy, Allergens, Lactose, OGM) and are suitable for Vegans.


The history of the Mill goes back in time, as it approaches the celebrations of its Century of existence. They were so busy with the growth of the Company, from a local family business to a large-scale food industry main Character, that the website and main communication style stayed the original; we were contracted to update the Branding together with the Designer Matteo Scorsini, to redesign the website and to redo all the photography.



Different proposals for the landing page's hero section


We have developed the color scheme and the MOODBOARD for the rebranding following the main representative color chosen by Matteo Scorsini for the project, which was a specific PANTONE shade of green.

With this in mind and following our branding ideas, we have proposed leaves and foliage as a main mood for the Corporate Image, pointing our focus on the "green" aspect of the philosophy of the Mill.


Studio | Food | Product | Architecture

Most of the photography for the project revolved around these areas: THE COMPANY, new architectural pictures of the outsides and landscapes, plus all the internal shots of the facility; all the internal shots are not shown here as they are for the Mill to use at their discretion, as they might contain copyrighted material and industrial secrets. CAMPAIGN shots, involving a chef and the use of flours. PRODUCT shots for the catalog, where we have decided not to focus on the packaging, but on the raw materials, on the nature, on what the Mill really does, STUDIO SHOTS of the flours in emotional shots, to present the various categories, both for online and printed media.


The Company


Presenting the Flours


Some of the various flours shot for the Catalog


Copywriting and Content Production

Being in charge of the copy and the photography for the communication, we worked closely on the concept, the themes and all the visuals for the Company's publications, from the catalogue and the online media, to the House Organ.


House Organ

Pietro Mingotti (Owner and Creative Director at Fuel Lab Studio) and Matteo Scorsini ( worked on the creation of the House Organ for the Company, a publication prepared every 4 months, covering not only the presentation of the various activities of the Mill and the products, but also interesting topics about the future challenges awaiting for the food industry, coverage of events and more. Have a look at the first number of FABER, here.


core topics and more

We were also in charge of the creation of the Editorial Plan and Calendar for the Social Media and Digital Communication; clearly these informations are classified, but we can share with you a few of the preliminary brainstorming visual ideas for the b2c part of the blogs layout.