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Typography & Graphic Design

We got contacted by Luca Scodellari at GoodFellas to create the visual project and Branding for his project. The idea was to create a pet's social network. Not only to create a social where to put pictures of animals, but an environment were to operate an emotional and psychological switch to hide away our human side and impersonate our pets. There would have been no human profile, and the pet associate with the human; it would have been the contrary. The pet is the main character and the human might appear in some pictures.

For this project we wanted to keep the Graphic Design as simple, colorful and stylized as possible; pets and children have a lot alike, and to impersonate your own pet brings you straight back to a more strip bare nature, a more primal and simple way of being; it is about a therapeutic reawakening of the child inside. So of course, as you can see in all the pets food and pets toys and generally in all the pet-service industry, you have minimal or playful colors and designs. Nicolò Luigi Gelai (Graphic Designer) have developed these lovely dogs faces to go along with the logo.

Initially we wanted to call the project "Fido" - the name of the original idea by Luca Scodellari was "baubook" (bau means woof in Italian, ndr.) - but lately this idea was discarded by Luca. We thought it was universally understandable and easy to remember, but it would have excluded other pets other than dogs, so we kept working on the ideas for the name, until we came up with Nuzzle.


the final brandname and logo

preliminary payoffs and campaign concept


& App Design

What our partner needed was to be able to offer credible mockups with a structure behind them. We designed also a mockup website that would run on BuddyPress as a demo, but that's now for private viewing only. What we can show though is the App design and the App concept itself, which was Pietro Mingotti's (Creative Director and Owner at FuelLab) idea. We were considering how hard it would have been to effectively populate a Social Network, even throughout major investments and advertising through big pet food groups;


app icon

app design

I proposed to design an app pretty much like Instagram, but with the same concept of the website: your profile would be your pet's profile, and the other profiles in the app were the same, pets profiles. The pictures put on this "petstagram" (which had the same name of the website, because it was actually part of the website) would automatically be loaded in the feed and galleries of the corresponding main social network's profile. Same would be for the likes, the follows and such. This way, a much "easier" (user-wise) environment would feed the main site with fresh content each day, and help the propagation of it. Also, a very cool feature, is that every single UI would have been different. What I've come up with is basically a transparent UI that dynamically adapts to the dominant colors of the photos posted. So, if the dog is black, the UI would be a dark one. If the Dog was an Australian Shepard, the UI would have the same colors of its coat, and so on. This way every user experience would have been tailored to their pet's world and colors.


Pietro Mingotti (Creative Director and Owner at Fuel Lab)