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Updating the Logo

We were contracted by Saif Group Limited, one of the largest Pakistan's Multinational companies working in Textile, Fabrics, Hospital furniture and beddings, Home Decor and Work wear. They wanted to update their traditional logo and consequentially they needed the new Business Cards along with it.


Rebranding their logo was an interesting challenge as, with the operational width the Company has, we needed an efficient LIBU (low impact brand update) that would retain the original look and feel. We proposed a new, more modern edition of the original logo, but Nicolò Gelai (Graphic Designer) also made some new and fresh proposals. The company liked the new logos better than the old one, and requested us to proceed with the selected new design.


Maintaining the Company's color chart, we therefor created the Business Cards design you can see here.


They also wanted this rebranding to hit specifically the Textiles division of the Company, which is the reason why this specific logo reports "Saif Tex" instead of "Saif Group". This was the chosen version of the new logo, in colors.

It follows the initial concept of the twisted fibers moving in a knit, but with a flat, more modern layout.



The Business Cards were designed with a longer than usual aspect ratio, in the context of a modernized look and feel of the Company's corporate identity. They feature two sides, one with the logo and the payoff, the other with the details; the details inserted here do not represent real addresses or phone numbers. The Business Cards were printed on a solid 340gsm soft touch paper.