Nope. Don\'t do that.


  • Sexy muscular young twink posing in steam room half naked, ad campaign for gay public. Jewelry
  • Gay leather cop musclebear on Harley Davidson, big bad hairy man. Jewelry

Project Description

I was hired in early 2014 by Alessandro Zulian, owner of Maxioro SNC. He wanted to start his own line of jewelry, aside from his main business. He also stated that he wanted to make a line specifically for the gay market. My job was to create visual campaigns featuring his line of jewelry that would have had as a target the GLBTQI community. I worked on a plan and action getting the best deals with the most known gay magazines, such as Dü und Ich, Mate Magazine, Blu Magazine (Europe) and also the online dating sites, in order to distribute the advertising, and I came up with two main campaings. One, featuring the a younger boy in a steam room (which actually is my bathroom, and the steam is digitally produced) that would have had a specific age range and demographic range as a target, and a more explicit one, to be distributed in European Clubs featuring a Leather Biker. The client was very satisfied and happy with the result.


Project Details


Zulian Jewels


  • Photography
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Marketing